March 31st, 2005


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i'm probably going to go out on a limb here and possibly make a few enemies but...

does anyone else get annoyed when american gamers call 'aeris' 'aerith'? it seems to me to be one of the easiest ways to spot a poseur. (not that all gamers who use that spelling are poseurs.) anyway, i mean, sure the japanese don't have a legitimate 's' sound, but americans do and her name was aeris. i understand the origins of aerith and all but i just hate reading it because aeris sounds prettier than aerith. (to me, then again, i've been told i mispronounce it anyway.) i guess to each his own...doesn't mean it annoys me any less.
neroitis [Kadaj]

Advent Children Fic

I updated my Advent Children fanfiction 'Nightmare'. The most recent chapter really sucks, because I'm trying to break out of writer's block. And it's hard! XO

I would post it here, but the formatting wouldn't be so great. So, instead, I shall just post the link...

Here you go! ^_^;

Please tell me your opinions. And I know the facts aren't right, because I wrote it before a lot of new information was released. So take it with a grain of salt... Or whatever that saying is... o_o;
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