March 28th, 2005


Yanno what I really wanna see?

I really want them to render parts of FF:VII (even with specific clips shown would be SWANK) to explain the backdrop of FF: AC.
I'd be very helpful for people whom haven't played Final Fantasy: VII in a very long time, or people whom even can't play it anymore.
I know it's just as easy for them to add a readable Prologue to the Bonus Features so you can read an outline of what happened. But how cool would it be for them to put the time and effort into a short...5-10 minute movie that shows a handful of key events leading up to FF:AC.
I suppose they might, but I haven't heard anybody say anything about it.
Hell...I'd even pay good money if they booted up the price for a double disc (exclusive?) feature (obviously they already HAVE to have 2 disks...1 feature and 1 bonus but...still) that includes a revamped 10-15 minute movie that shows the tragic events of FF:VII (i.e. Last Battle...Cloud's experience in the lifestream...Aeris' death...and even the beginning to FF:VII with the flower girl 'n' all that shit stuff.)
I don't know if that is just too far fetched....or if there is anybody else who would love to see that too.

- Brian
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