March 15th, 2005


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okay, with the recent cries over mary sues in an advent children fan fic, i've started to wonder about mine. i feel really awkward pimping my writing like this but i really want to know whether i've written a mary sue into my fic. i've tried to flesh out not only my OC but also the canon characters and i've given tragic flaws to her. (it's a chick OC, but i swear, it's not a self-insert.) so basically, i'm asking even just one of you to just check out my fic and tell me if it sucks nards. i understand it starts pretty cliche, but i feel i really flesh out a good storyline and character development. i promise i have good grammar and my spelling mistakes are very minimal. (only when i'm typing really fast...)

so i guess i'll get to the fic itself...

Title: Meet Me in Midgar
Author: Matsie Scruff
Rating: PG-13 for language and sexual situations
Genre: Action/Adventure
Chapters: 13 (work-in-progress)
Pairings: Rufus and OC...i'm not really focusing on pairings. it's not about the romance stuff.

Summary: The story begins at the Knowlespole, just before Sephiroth attempts to kill Aeris. Aeris is saved by Fiona my OC. The story alternates between Shinra and our heroes but is written entirely in a first-person narrative by Fiona.

it's a terribly cliche start, i know. i'm telling you, though, there's a reason for everything that happens and i write story arcs into it and what-not. i will say this now, THIS IS NOT AN AERIS RESURRECTION FIC. i swear, it isn't. so, i implore you to please check it out.

you can find it at under this address (or look it up in the directory).


you can also find it on livejournal at

if you could read it and tell me if it sucks hard, i'd appreciate it. oh and many apologies in advance if this is an inappropriate post.