March 6th, 2005

Guitar Ninjas

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I just noticed something sweet.
If you look carefully at the AC trailer, Kadaj is weilding a rather sweet weapon.
It looks to me like a Katana, except with two separate blades side by side.
I think that's awesome.
A question of curiosity...What would be anyone's favorite weapon from the FF universe?
Or for that matter(to make some things interesting)...What would be your ideal weapon?
Just a thought...
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Guitar Ninjas

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Yeah, I just joined about 2 seconds ago.
I've got quite the info on this little FFVII matter.
If anyone wants me to spill the beans, tell me.
I'll be waiting.
By the way, Love the way this place is set up.
Good work!
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FINAL FANTASY: 1920. An alternative universe RPG.

"There's men, everywhere jazz, everywhere booze, everywhere life, everywhere joy, everywhere, nowadays!
And it's good, isn't it grand, isn't it great, isn't it swell, isn't it fun, isn't it, nowadays?
But nothing stays; in fifty years or so, it's gonna change, you know. But, oh, it's heaven, nowadays!"
--- Roxie Hart, "Chicago".

Name: Final Fantasy: 1920.
Format: Greatestjournal.
Genre: Final Fantasy series; alternative universe. (1920's time period setting!)
Contact: Angelo or Mikael.
Age limit/Rating: None. Just be mature.
Deadline: None.

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Yazoo is the hardest one of all the silver haired guys to find cool pix for. (In my opinion) His page on my site looks so empty...Anybody know where I can get good Yazoo pix and screencaps?? And another question! Does he have a fanlisting? :)
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