March 4th, 2005

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Hey, does anyone have a subbed version of the newest trailer?? If you have one could you email it to me?( ) Pretty please? I will love you forever if you've got one!!!
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Jap Cosplay of AC!

hmmm...bored are you? Well, I found something worthy of interest! ^.^
Some Japanese dudes were cosplaying as Kadaj and Cloud in the first fight with the SHM. It's really amazing! Their costumes look a lot like the AC screens and the trailers. Wow. They acted out everything so elaborately! A must see for those that like cosplayers. XPP [Japanese]

Naviagation is obvious. Under "FF7AC" are the links to the galleries. XD

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Help needed ... please ^^;

This is not entirely FFVII:AC related, but it does a bit ... sort of ^^;

Ok, so here's my problem ... ^_^ ... I've got to do a new written project for College, and the theme of the project is 'Change', and since the teacher told us to write it around a subject that would help us in getting to any other College, I decided to write mine about how the 'Final Fantasy' games have changed over the years. I did write something around the same lines about three years ago ... but my old school still has it and my mum (who works there) hasn’t found it yet *pout*
So I was wondering if anyone had any links or information that could help me, I would really appreciate any help given ^__________^ Thanks XDD
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