March 1st, 2005

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EDIT: Okay... whoa whoa whoa. Hold yer horses. I didn't post this because I thought the artwork was shitty or because I don't pity Sephiroth or some other deeper meaning to which my commentary could be alluded. I think the artwork in and of itself is quite lovely. But, for the love of JEEBUS - IT'S SEPHIROTH AND LUCRECIA LIKE JESUS CHRIST AND MARY. That is ALL. Maybe it struck me different because I was raised Catholic (and live in a very traditional Italian household). I didn't mean to insult anyone's sensibilities or taste in art. Contact? Contact. Kthxbai.

Okay... I think I've just seen the most disturbing/creepy/double-you-tee-eff-inducing bit of FFVII fanart I will ever see.  It's why I love Yahoo!Images... I'm tryin' to make a Sephiroth wallpaper (Boredom does funny things to me), and 6 pages into Yahoo!'s results for 'Sephiroth' (because 'Silver-Haired-God-of-Sex' got no results, *cough*), I see THIS:

For those playing the home-game, this is of Lucrecia and Sephiroth modeled after 'The Pietà'.  I ... I just can't wrap my brain around it.  I knew the majority of FFVII fans were a tad bit fudged in the head, and I've done weird shit with my fandom before, but this drawing totally takes the taco.

Ooookay.  I'm done now.  If this belongs to anyone on here or to a friend of anyone on here, whoops, my fault (It was attatched to a 'live-action DBZ movie' forum, so I doubt it, but just to be safe, ya?).  It's weird, sorry.

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