February 24th, 2005

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Advent CHildren Trailers

I was wondering if anyone could send me the Advent Children trailers via Yousendit.com
i can't find them anywhere w/out becoming a member of some website. =/

my email is distortion_x51@hotmail.com.

Please! I will love you forever if you do! =P
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SLASH well without?

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This may have been posted...but does anyone have an idea as to the price that has been set for the Advent Children DVD, or if it's even been set? I want to know because I'm starting to save money now, and want to make sure I have enough for when it comes out.
~"...that's why I buy Kinder Surprise"~

photos ^__^;;

I thought I’d share these with you all ^_^ I did these for my College project, but I hope you find them interesting. And I made the Buster Sword at College too ... bloody hell it was heavy ^^; I did try very hard to look like Cloud, but I fucked it up ... so it’s just me try very hard to look cool ^^;;

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If I’m not aloud to post these, then feel free to delete it ;__;
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