February 21st, 2005



Okay, I just thought that I post an AMV for Advent Children. It is one of my favorites and I'd like to spread the AMV love. =3

I uploaded it on YouSendIt.com so keep in mind that the download will only be available for 7 days.

Advent Children -- Omen

Size: about 30 MB
Length: 3:47 min
Artist: E Nomine -- Das Omen

Credit for this wonderful AMV goes to Josh Fries. His username on AMV.org is zm06.

Translated lyrics are under the cut because I thought that not everyone in here understands German. =P

Collapse )

By the way, did anyone else noticed Sephiroth's eye in the split second while Kadaj is entertaining the kids and makes poof? It is, at least, not Kadaj's eye, that much I can say.

So, enjoy! ^__^

Bai Bai

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I was wondering if any of you went to the Dear Friends: Music from Final Fantasy concert in Chicago this past Saturday. If so, what was your impression of the melody from Advent Children? How would you describe the mood and feeling of it? What did it make you think of, if anything?