February 15th, 2005

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from adventchildren.net:

The online survey on SE's website has come to a close.
A message from the Advent Children Staff has replaced the survey:

quote (Advent Children Staff):


FINAL FANTASY VII: Advent Children
Notice of Survey Completion

Thank you very much for your interest in participating in our FINAL FANTASY VII: Advent Children survey. Unfortunately, we have closed our survey at this time and are no longer receiving responses. We hope to have another opportunity to hear your thoughts soon and look forward to bringing you FINAL FANTASY VII: Advent Children.
-Advent Children Staff



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I'd like to pimp out materia_100 - the FFVII weekly drabble challenge community. We don't have winners/contests, but it's all in good fun anyways! Advent Children & Before Crisis accepted.

(Though, it's on the cluster that's getting a lot of maintenance right now, I fear - please keep an eye out for flying read-only modes. ^^)

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