February 9th, 2005

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Hey! I have a Final Fantasy site that I work really hard on. I get avatars and icons and lots of pictures. Sometimes I forget to credit someone or a member adds one and doesn't tell me who to credit so I need you guys who make that kinda thing to look them over and tell me which are yours so I can give you credit. http://groups.msn.com/FinalFantasyAndaBunchofOtherStuff/coolicons.msnw After that go down to the bottom of the page and there's a page for linkies and credits, you go there and check for your name if one is yours. then if you do find one that belongs to you tell me please. I'm really sorry about this. Please don't kill me.(flinches) I'm trying to fix it.........If you must kill me....do it quickly.

Anyways, if you don't make that kinda thing you *can* just visit for fun and tell me what you think. Mainly I created the site for rping 'cause I don't got AIM.

Oh yeah, and if you wanna join...please go ahead.
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Teh Reno

As if we didn't know that Square was simply whoring our devotion out to the money-grubbers.

But this post is dedicated to THE RENO. Yes, the redhead in my icon with the tongue, and the stick, sometimes referred to as "That shock thingy" by many a person I know. The fanon Reno, which we are all very familiar with seems to have taken over the FFVII industry. Well, not industry, but like... what I mean is, replaying FFVII, the Reno in there is NOT the same Reno featured in BC and AC.

From what you, the player, gets to see of him. Sure he's a bit dishevled looking, but not nearly the tongue-sticking-outage-bish we see now. All in all though I have to say I think the Turks developed more personality.

However...I like the change, but it is so fanon... >< and that is just weird to think of for me. Perhaps I'm wrong, and well... yeah. But... jeezus.

Also, glad Rude turned out handsome. He always looked a little squashed in fanart to me ._.
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I don't know how long you guys may of known if you do know. But.........

"Square Enix's last foray into the motion picture business, a theatrical release of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is indeed being contemplated. Before this announcement, Advent Children had been planned as a straight-to-DVD movie."

But don't get your hopes up because its not set in stone..:(..Here is a link.

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