February 6th, 2005

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Hello everyone ^_^
I'm not completely sure if this kind of entry is allowed here, but since I saw some other RPG adds, I decided to post this one as well. If it's against the rules, please let me know so that I can delete the post.

Opera House is a brand-new Final Fantasy RPG. Yes, it's another RPG where different FF worlds are mixed together, but please don’t run away at the very thought of it – it’s a bit different than what you might think. ^_^

So, we basically have all the characters and places you know from FF4 to FFX-2 thrown together in one world. But consider this a new story: Garnet may still be a princess, Locke is still a thief treasure hunter, but a different world and different circumstances change a lot for them. (Not their entire personality, of course. Than we could as well play with original characters, couldn’t we?)

The world they live in is controlled by an empire made of any so called “evil” groups and persons we know from the FF games: Be it Shinra Inc., Galbadia or FF6’s empire, they rule the world the way they want.
Of course, not everyone is fine with those circumstances, and so there’s a resistance movement. They have their headquater at the Opera House at Jidoor (Right. This is how the RPG got its name ^_^) and try their best to oppose the empire.

If you're interested in RPGs, please take a moment and have a look at this one, okay? (You can either click at the picture above or at this link - opera_house - to get to the community's user info) All characters, with the exception of FF9's Garnet, are still available, and FF7/AC characters are - of course ^.^ - allowed, too. If you have any questions (or suggestions), feel free to ask.
I really hope some people will join, so we can have lots of fun RPing together!

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I have no idea if anyone's said this before and I don't even think it makes any sort of difference at all, but I noticed it and I haven't made a post here for awhile, so I felt I should add in something.

Has anyone noticed how distracted Yazoo looks? I've seen a few pictures where he looks like he's just off in another world. Examples shown here and here.

I've seen other pictures like that, but those two seem to stand out most.

Yes, yes, I know I've wasted space. But I felt like adding something in. o.O;;
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Fine, I'm being generous today. XP

Alright, more fanart links for the hungry, rabid fans! XDD Yay!! WOOT! AC is coming out in May 2005!! XP Yeah, and yadda...LOL

http://www25.big.or.jp/~time-p/index.html <--she does really cute Sora and Cloud piccies! >3<~~

http://n-chaos.hp.infoseek.co.jp/ <-- this one is really cute, spiffy, and Nomura-sama like/DBZ-ish style. XP psst...they also have a piccie of Cloud, Seph, Vincent and the rest of the males in dresses! LMAO!

http://ffact.com/ <--beautiful illustrations! ^^ However this site hasn't been updated in a while...*sniff* still, there is art to "ah" over. XP

and that's when my generosity ends...stay tuned. Oh, and if you need help navigating these Japanese sites, just ask! XP