February 5th, 2005

pass along

Fanfic Recommendations

Hello, fellow FF7/AC worshippers. I was wondering if I could use your help. Could you please rec some FF7 fanfics? I'm making a Fanfiction Recommendation page, but FF.net (AKA: Pit of Voles) is a bit scary to swim through. So it would be very much appreciated. Oh, and can you provide a summary and/or link to the story? Pairings, ratings, genres, etc. don't matter - just as long as the story is well-written. Thank you all a bunches.

On another note, how many of you believe that Sephiroth will actually come back in Advent Children? Also, if Sephiroth is capable of resurrection, could that also mean Aerith is also capable of coming back? Food for thought.

Anyways, once again, thanks!