February 3rd, 2005

Dark x Daisuke

Trailers transcribed. ^_^

Ano… Someone wanted transcribes of all the trailers… right? >_>;

…Well, here they are anyway. >__>;;;

All of the Transcribes below were done by me; shadow_room so if you use them anywhere please credit me… it took forever to write them out. T__T

Warnings: The text below the cuts will have spoilers for the trailers, obviously. >_> And also spoilers for some/all of what happened in the FFVII game, also obviously. But I thought I should stick this warning up anyway.

Disclaimer: Final Fantasy VII and FFVII: Advent Children are © (copyright) Square-Enix. I do not intend, nor ever intend, to make money off of these transcriptions, I’ve only written out what was said to help fellow fans, and make it easier to discuss what happens in the trailers/movie. Also, I have nothing to do with the people who fan-subtitled these trailers, so if you have questions on how to fan-subtitle stuff, don’t ask me, I have no idea how. >_>;;;

If there are any mistakes please don’t yell at me T__T I wrote everything out with a bad headache so there might be a few small ones… anyway, if anything is wrong with the text, let me know please, so I can fix my Word file…

Oh, and if the LJ-cuts don’t work (I’ve been having trouble with them not working lately, for some strange reason) please let me know and I’ll try and fix them somehow…

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As you can see… for some reason I got more talkative/descriptive as I went through the trailers. Heh. >__>;;; Sorry. >___>;;;;

Anyway, hope this helps everyone. ^_^

…I’m now off to bed; I’ve stayed up all of yesterday and all of last night and my head really, really hurts. T_T
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ruka - 321zilch


After reading the transcript...i wondered:

Kadaj said:
"This person here, I’m telling you… he’s actually your brother"
He told this to the children...so...what?
Does anyone see what I'm trying to ask here?

What did Kadaj do to the children?
He must have done more than brainwash them...
And didn't they have Mako eyes?

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Hey, I know this might be asking a lot, but could somebody possibly make me a Cid AC icon? I would myself, but I can't get any stills from the trailers, for some reason... or I guess that would work, too... if someone could get me several Cid (or Vincent) stills from the 4th trailer, t'would be much appreciated.
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any help?

Alright, I'll get you the links in just a sec. ^^;; But first, I just wanted to say that I'm making a little fansite on Advent Children and I was wondering if anyone would like to contribute information, essays, theories, etc. or even help me handle the site. XP Credit will be given. Any help is appreciated. ^___^ ♥

Fansite WIP: http://silvershadow.senrisu.net/x______ff7.html
Yeah, nice long URL! ^^;;;

Second, here's a few of those promised links! XD
I have more, but I'll save it for the site... XP

http://members.jcom.home.ne.jp/7th-gate/index.html Yaoi!


hmmm...maybe this could be the club's project. ^^;; I don't know. Maybe...