February 2nd, 2005

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I appologize if someone's already asked this.

In each of the trailers, the prominent instrumental music with the emotional chorus -is that available anywhere in mp3 format?

I was basiclaly curious if it just pertained to the trailers and hasn't been released with something FF7 related or AC related.
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in response to a previous post, to inform the general public

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children did not see release within 2004. Square Enix's latest preview trailer promoting the Final Fantasy VII follow-up DVD movie now features a nebulous 2005 release window, rather than the winter 2004 release date the publisher had stuck to previously.

Exactly when in 2005 the movie might see release remains an open question. However, Square Enix's commitment to publish Advent Children on Sony's UMD format (for playback using its upcoming PSP handheld) as well as DVD suggests that it might come sooner rather than later, to back up the PSP's spring release in North America and Europe.

Exact release date still unknown.
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Looking at the various screen caps posted all over the internet, I've noticed something that made me curious. It's nothing huge, in fact it's just a small little tidbit for everyone (that is, if you haven't noticed) to chew on while we patiently wait.

I'm sure everyone knows about the pink ribbon Tifa wears on her arm. I always thought it had something to do with Aeris. But then I noticed something interesting...

Cid wears one, too!

Thus sparked my search for what the red ribbon means. I've found that Yuffie (you gotta squint, its on her right arm) and perhaps RedXIII (you can makeout a little pink on his right...paw/arm) also wear one. You can't tell if Barett or Vincent have one (those sillies) and for a while I thought the same for Cloud, until my friend told me that in the 4th trailer he IS in fact wearing one (I haven't seen it yet).

The ribbon could either mean two (or more) things: A) It has something to do with remembering Aeris or B) It's something they perhaps donned after splitting up, for sentimental value? To remember Avalanche? Or their comradery? Maybe it's a new fashion trend? It is like the Livestrong bracelet?! Why doesn't Vincent have a new little outfit? Does he wash it? Does he have others just like it in his closet? Does he have a closet? Maybe he sleeps in it? Is he smelly?

Okay I'm done.
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