January 30th, 2005

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NEW FINAL FANTASY RPG :DDD We accept Advent Children characters, if you're wondering~!

FINAL FANTASY: 1920. An alternative universe RPG.

"There's men, everywhere jazz, everywhere booze, everywhere life, everywhere joy, everywhere, nowadays!
And it's good, isn't it grand, isn't it great, isn't it swell, isn't it fun, isn't it, nowadays?
But nothing stays; in fifty years or so, it's gonna change, you know. But, oh, it's heaven, nowadays!"
--- Roxie Hart, "Chicago".

Name: Final Fantasy: 1920.
Format: Greatestjournal.
Genre: Final Fantasy series; alternative universe. (1920's time period setting!)
Contact: Angelo or Mikael.
Age limit/Rating: None. Just be mature.
Deadline: None.

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I come with...an RP plug?! O.O;;

Hi there!

I’m coming on behalf of the moderators of a Final Fantasy Alternative Universe Role Playing Game called World’s Apart.

We are currently looking for a few key characters from a few final fantasies. Seeing as our RP includes the characters of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children we are infact looking for a Loz at the moment. We’re also looking for a Tifa, Freya and several other characters from Final Fantasies 6 through to X-2!

Please keep in mind that the mods are looking for experienced role players only. Any information and a current character nabbed list is available on the link above. The RP is also Yaoi/Yuri/Het friendly so if you like any of these, and meet the requirements then you are most encouraged to apply for a character. If a character you want to RP is not listed then just apply anyway.

If this post violates any rules (and I don’t think it does), feel free to delete this post.

Thanks! ^_^

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