January 28th, 2005

  • minimoy

I hope this doesn't bother anyone

But I have a MAJOR favor to ask of you all:

My other computer crashed for the time being, and I lost all my links to all the AC picture galleries. Can anyone link me to some? There were a couple of REALLY good ones that I got some really great icons out of, but I don't remember the site's name or anything. -_-;

Sorry to bother you with that question, it's just I'm on an icon spur and I have no pictures to make them of. ><;

(I also just saw the new trailer and am STILL spazzing out).
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  • asuras

(no subject)

^The trailer there which has the thumbnail of Kadaj looking into a bag...

Has not been translated by me, but rather... shoddily understood-a bit-by me.

Click he LJ-cut if you want to see what I 'deciphered'.
[Note: Why does Vincent talk so fast? D<]

Collapse )

The ? in () are me totally unsure of what is going on. Now that I read over my notes they make less sense, but... ^-^; better than nothing. When I says Rufus I mean WCM... really.

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  • paako


Hi everyone! I'm new here, and I come bearing two sets of five icons ^^

Advent Children

Before Crisis

The rest are here>> (follow the fake LJ-cut!)

I'm also taking requests for Advent Children, Before Crisis AND Dirge of Cerberus (if you have any nice ref pics available *g*). ^^ Just leave a comment either here, or at my icon journal krystaliske. =D

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  • alkrea

(no subject)

Okay, maybe all of you can help me decide on this. I have a friend who claims he's a beta tester for Square-Enix, and that they sent him a copy of AC to test and make sure that the subtitles flow naturally, helping with translation, and other stuff like that. Well, I really don't want to dub him a liar, but all he ever says about it is stuff from the previews, and I just really can't believe it whole heartedly. He's been saying it since last semester, and until a conversation the other day about a FF7 sequel he betaed for a few years back, I dunno, I guess I just let it slide. But I'm really wondering if SE would really send him a copy of the movie for a beta... It doesn't make sence... The game is a lot more plausible, and there were reports of a stopped sequel back then if I remember correctly. But a movie?? Why would you need a beta tester? And why would that beta tester just check subtitles and help translate when he is in only his first year of Japanese???

Ugh... I really hope he isn't on LJ in this community and I just don't know it! lol. But please, give me your insight to the whole situation...
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