January 18th, 2005

Before Crisis Trailers

I don't know if this has been posted here before, but I found a site with BC trailers. I wonder if the animation is in the game or just for the commercial?

We see surprisingly little of the Turks, but a lot of this red-headed guy and a couple of other people who I think are the protagonists of BC. (That red-head sure looks a lot like Reno...)


(Note: This link is in German)

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just saw one of the trailers for Before Crisis... someone seriously needs to make an anime movie out of that! unless they already have one coming out
...are they making it into amovie too?

*feels stupid*

edit: I already knowabout the cell phone game- that muchI DO know. ^^ (shoulda put that in there somewhere)
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comments link titled AC theme?

I've been thinking of different things for my Advent Children [Tifa] themed journal.. and I really need a new comment "label." Of course, something related to Advent Children. I cannot come up with a single thing.
I'm wondering if someone wouldn't mind sharing an idea that I can use? Because my current one is lame and it has nothing to do with Advent children =\

-edit- thanks! I just did Final Heaven. I wanted to originally but I wanted to do something more.. but still that's what I ended up doing. Thanks :)