January 11th, 2005

Power to minimal Japanese reading skills!

I'm sure some people are far more literate with Japanese than I am.

BUT, I was looking at the FFVII: AC site http://www.square-enix.co.jp/dvd/ff7ac/

Which had been linked previously, and was skimming the character profiles:
Random Tidbits:

Marlene: Is always 'genki' (cheerful-like) and there is something about Denzel, but my kanji skills are severely lacking, sorry.

Yuffie: 'Materia ga daisuki de', she loves materia. (*amused*)

Reno: (~da so, to.) [<---the first thing it says, I swear ._.] He's a Turks member, gee, what a surprise. (Though right before the 'Taakusu no member' there is a 'gen' kanji, perhaps for original? origin? ><; I hate kanji with a passion!)

!!!And the kanji is all small and ilegible!!! (At least, on my compu screen)

Rude: (has the same 'gen' Taakusu no member' thing going on >.>; )

Zack: Is Pretty. uh, I mean. Nothing new, from what I can tell. Uh, except that he's far prettier than his polygonal self.

UH, by no means is what I said above the true meanings. I have horrible, minimilistic Japanese skills and most of the profiles are done in kanji. Uh, I hope that you all can recognize the names of the various characters in katakana, however. Because, it makes it more fun, yes?


*running away, very quickly*

[Edit: >.>; Yes, you more literate Japanese-people can translate the trailer, but the third trailer ... the newest one, I could put up what I understand of it too... but I fear my bad Japanese skills have spammed enough]