January 10th, 2005

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"If you've been paying attention, people have been asking this a lot and people have been getting annoyed for a couple of weeks, now. It is nothing personal against that one person. And yes, it IS "only post whatever *I* want you to" because its my community and I'm the one making the judgement calls. No one flamed the "JOIN MY PERIOD COMMUNITY POST". And if you want to put in input that I can even begin to consider, I suggest not anonymously posting, because it sure does undermine your opinion. I have been a fair mod and people seem to enjoying themselves here. That is my main concern.


If anyone objects to my opinion, please tell me and I will change immediately. I just don't see the problem in such a community, as I don't see the problem in posting for tsunami relief. Yes, if it was a community about american idol or something, then I wouldn't allow it. But we're all friends here, and we're all human being who might need some support at one point or another. And fukyuu_lolita, I'm very sorry if I offended you, but that post was in no way directed wholly towards you.

I hope this has cleared some things up about how my line of thinking operates. Again, if anyone objects, please feel free to let me know in a comment to this post. I will try to accomodate everyone, as I've been trying to do since the beginning.

Please take care. <3


hello again ^^;


Does anyone have a trailer with Reno and Yazoo fighting?
I looked at the 3 on the official site and it wasn't there. ^^v

So if anyone has it by chance, could you share it with me?
Thanks ♥

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*de-lurks* Pretty sure this hasn't been posted yet. o_O

Anyway, Square-Enix has updated the official site with character profiles for Reno, Rude, Cid, Marlene, Denzel, Yuffie, and Zack.

Poor Nanaki hasn't made it to the list. ._. And neither has Aeris. o_O *shrugs*

Some of the profiles have a few seconds of new footage for some of the characters.


*<3 for Zack and Reno*

Now all they need to do is put that trailer from Jump Festa on the site. _-_
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