January 9th, 2005


Ah, I haven't actually posted here despite having watched this place for a while. Nice to see people catching on to the Dear Friends concert that seems to now be occuring every year but in different locations. I'm sure that since there's no DVD of the concert available, it will draw a good chunk of people to the concerts each time and have One Winged Angel smacked in their faces. Hehe.

Does anyone know when FF7:AC comes out? I've seen dates being thrown about, but I've seen no definite estimation of when the film is even done.

BTW, here's something I try not to do... and that's fanart:

Tifa Lockhart
八百万の神 // ♥ tastymint ♥

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K, lets try this.

When you post, please don't ask what the date will be for the movie's release. Because no one honestly knows. Rumors here, speculation there, yadda yadda yadda. And I guess it annoys some people, so.. yeah.



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I started a "Japan loving" community, and I'm posting to try and get people to join it. I think it'd be really fun if we could share our interests in Japanese culture/language/people etc...

So please, if you're interested, the community is called "japan_freaks"

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*is quite sorry*

this is about my earlier post about the release date *^^*
a lot of people yelled at me for it...so i'm sorry.

My friend works for a video game magazine and she said that at her last conference, the date of May or around may 1st might be the release date for USA. I never asked about europe's or japan's release because...i don't live there *understandable yes?*

So I guess it's still a rumor for it's not straight out of the horses mouth.
She's been pretty accurate with other releases...^^;
Sorry to upset any of you but the date fits...so I thought it might be a sure thing ♥


note: i have changed will to might
no more harsh words...just a thanks or something simple ^^;;;;;;;
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