January 8th, 2005

Community pimpage.

i_hate_periods. 'Nuff said. Go join the war against the female population's worst enemy.

(Crossposted everywhere. If the mod hates it, just delete it.)

Sorry for the spam, but really, I'm just attempting to offer a place for females who feel like bitching away during the "week of hell" to complain there. They won't have to suffer by having people mock them for whining over their discomfort. It's natural for them to want to complain. I myself accept that having periods is unavoidable, but there are times where women just want to let everything out, yet not get bashed in the process. To the males, this may be some stupid idea, but I do believe that it means a lot to many females out there.
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Release Date

I just wanted to let everyone know that the release date for Final Fantasy VII: Avent CHildren might be released in the USA on DVD on or around May 1st. ^^

I have a close friends who is the assistant page designer of a video game magazine. She is located in Japan and that was her news to me ^^v

*is excited*

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(no subject)

Is there anyone here that is going to the Dear Friends Final Fantasy tribute concert In Chicago in February?

I bought tickets for me and one of my friends but we're in the way back on the balcony. But it's not like its a play or anything.

I wonder if there's going to be any fun things to buy?