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31 December 2004 @ 11:38 am
Re-Release of Reunion Tracks
Final Fantasy VII: Reunion Tracks will be re-released on 23rd February 2005. It contains the orchestrated versions of One-Winged Angel, Aerith's Theme and the FFVII Main Theme, which had won an official poll prior to the original CD's release. An a cappella track of One-Winged Angel's chorus has been included in the re-release as a bonus.




GYAHAHAHA. /horselaugh

31 December 2004 @ 01:54 pm
"Inspired by sekido's (And artist_with_fangs) art-effort for donations for the disasters over in Asia, I will be doing something of similar nature..."


If you don't know what has been happening... a 9.0 undersea earthquake caused tsunamis in many areas. The death toll is over 100,000 (I'm pretty sure) the missing is also a huge number... and this isn't even the aftermath yet.

There is a list of places where you can donate money to through that link.

Please donate.

As an incentive for ANYTHING, any amount, whatever you do to help... I'll write you a drabble, or series of drabbles or a fic, or a story or a poem. Anything.

While it shouldn't take incentive for you to donate, I'm offering it up.

-Thank you.
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31 December 2004 @ 11:07 pm
And the winner of the Character Competition is...

Drum roll...Collapse )

Wow! Personally, I was blown away by some of the turn-outs. However, that shows the power of a vote. :) Yay! And Happy New Year to everybody!