December 30th, 2004

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I know that this has nothing to do Advent Children or Square-Soft, but I'm sure you all have seen somethings of the Tsunamis generated by the earthquakes in the Indian Ocean leaving thousands dead. Being personally from the area, but living in the comfort and security of America, while having friends and family stuck in the storm kind of generates this feeling of helplessness. >_> Well other than that, there's really not much we can do, other than volunteer if we're doctors. But you can go to the redcross site, and donate even some change. By no means, am I being preachy, not at all. It's just I grew up in realy poor part's of Bangladesh, and lived in places like India, to know the devastation from even a small flood, and the incedible damage it brings. It's different from actually being there and watching the disaster on CNN. The mod can delete this by all means, but eh, if there is anyone that want's to help by a simple thing like donating, they can visit the redcross site which is what I personally think is the best, because other organizations take a portion of your donation.

Character Competition

Since voting seems to have reached a plateau (at an astounding 66 votes!), how about if I tally the votes at New Years? I think that many people will be surprised by the winner.

(If you haven't voted, please do so at this post: )

I urge everyone to vote. The power of a vote is very surprising. :)

... Poor Loz.

(Because this post has pushed down faded_justice's post, I would like to post a link to When I get my paycheck, I'm going to give to the cause.)

Just Some FF7 Fun

Sometimes, after you have played FF7 more then 10 times throu you find exciting other ways to play the game, like in this screenshot. A friend of mine loves to see what kinda sentences he can make when he changes the character's names to ackward things. Enjoy.

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