December 28th, 2004

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I haven't posted here in a while, because I'm going insane playing KH:CoM. I'm just wondering, when we finally get Advent Children within our grasps, with who and where are you planning on watching the movie first? I personally want to watch it on my Dad's 61' TV, just to see how awesome the SHM and Sephiroth are going to look with a few friends. ^_^.

His Sister

I don't know how to cross-post, so here it is.

I dedicate this to all Sephiroth fans and dark lovers of evil science-fiction everywhere. For here, I present to you, a fanfic of epic proportions in the making...based off of an elaborate two-person text RPG that went on for many years... and though I cannot recall every event, I recall the characters, and what they meant, and all the tears I cried for every bit of pain they felt.

Two characters: Sephiroth, a clone who believes he is truly the One Reborn, and his sister Maya, a victim of science and rape and insanity. Can the one live without the other?

They care for each other through difficult journeys, and often find themselves back in each other's arms when they've seperated over long periods of time. Full of horror, chock full of insane minded comments and ideas. Sephiroth is, ironically, the saner of the two!!

Any comments would be good, simply because either way I don't care... but it may be up your alley... It starts off in a nameless building where bad things have happened, and Sephiroth is slaying one of the scientists working there, crushing his heart after ripping it from his chest.

It goes from there....

From my journal. yay!
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