December 22nd, 2004

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hello there i thought i would write my first post in here as ive been a lurker for way too long. I just had some random thoughts that i want to write down and see what other peeps think...

1. About the rumours of a ff7 rerelease - wouldnt this be very easy for SE to do, as alot of the early trailers had alot of the old fmvs revamped in. They could from there do a remake like the 1-6 rerealeases on the ps with new fmvs as it would take very little work to do the last ones not included in the film.

2. Both marlene and tifa wear a pink bow on themselves which looks like aeris's any thoughts could be something trivial

3. Am i the only person who loves the revamps of most of the characters baring cloud and sephiroth...i dont know why but i prefer the old fmvs of them

finally the last couple of of questions that may get me killed by a few peeps

4. Im replaying ff7 as its a long time since i played it and theres still items i didnt complete which i want to do now but things are annoying me
i, what is jenova? i know basic question but i cant remember for the life of me what she was?
ii, Is it worth a lot of hard work to see aeris final limit when you know whats going to happen to her about 5 mins later :S

Thank you!!
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Character Battle

How about a community game? :) I've seen this done on other boards.

We'll have a list of AC/BC/CC/DC characters who are competing. Comment and give one point for the character you're rooting for, then take one point away from the character you're rooting against. For example:

Cloud: + 1 point.
Sephiroth: - 1 point.

Everyone gets only one vote, so use it wisely. At the end of ten days, we'll total up the points and see which Advent Children character wins. This is totally for fun. :)

If you have a favorite character, I urge you to vote. :)

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Speak up if I've missed anyone. Let the games begin!