December 16th, 2004

Devil May CGI

Recent screenshots...

Today I posted the most recent high-res Advent Children screenshots on The FF7 Citadel, but as I was looking through them, there was one thing I noticed: many of these shots (when compared to the older ones) seem to be color-corrected. That is, certain ones are clearer and less washed out (like the ones of Loz and Yuffie), while others simply have brighter colors. I hope these little changes were made on Square Enix's part, but the corrections still look really good regardless. Anyone else notice this?

(side note to pseudomachine: You get my email? Gotta get a Citadel banner up sometime! ^_~)
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Hey. This is a little off topic, but does anyone have those FF7 spoofs that EgoRaptor made? I remember seeing some people posting the links here, but I can't find them now. And I seem to have misplaced my favorites. closed down their gallery/media section, huh? Gonna miss that. Then again, we can probably see the whole movie just from watching the trailers x_x Why won't the movie just come out already, damnit?! DAMN YOU ENIX! WE KNOW YOU HAVE THE MOVIE FINISHED! YOU JUST WANT TO TORTURE US!!!@#$%^&*

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Seriously, I think Advent Children is starting to suck. I mean what the hell is SE doing delaying it, and making so much hype about it. I think we all know what certial silver haired general is going to come back, and it sucks. He was cool, but he should stay dead. I'm beginging to think that SE doesnt even care about how great and meaningful Advent Children was to us, they're just capitalist whores. >_
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After reading the rules I saw that it didnt say anything about advertisting a little bit...So...-.-;;

Mako Eyes-My little Zack shrine thing...-.-;; It's still kinda in construction, but all the pages are up and running propperly(though you may notice the scroll bar jumping from left to right now and then). I'll be posting some Advent Children information there, but only on Zack ofcourse...Could you possibly tell me what you think of it if you decide to visit?^_^;;

Sorry if this isnt allowed, just ask and I can delete it or the mod can or something...-.-;;
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i despise rumors....

okay. there is way too many rumors going around. i need to clear something up. this one dude said that ac is gonna be a rpg dvd<---whatever that is...i really don't know...something with role playing and a dvd..;;;

 that same dude told my friend who told me that they are re-releasing the FF7 game with no new graphics or anything on the PS2. the game is going to come with the movie and won't be sold seperately which i think is not true..but i don't have any new info on it so i can't be too sure.

i would truly appreciate it if some of you guys would clearify all this and tell me WHAT IS GOING ON!!!

Good NEWS: My mom was watching that E.T. channel thing with all the new movies coming out and stuff. the channel where they talk about the actors and that stuff. anyway she told me they were advertising it and saying how it's coming our next year!! i already knew that..but it resparked the excitement!!! Yayness!!

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