November 21st, 2004


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Realised this a few weeks back, but did anyone notice the Venice trailer was longer than the Montreal one? And the scenes were played in a slightly different order. Does that mean that the Japan one is gonna be even shorter? o_o;;

And what the hell is up with the ずるずる reference? e__e Is that supposed to be, like, Jenova? Or Geostigma's effects, or something? ._. wtf
Hoookay~, I know what ずるずる means. I want to know why it's being referred to. >._> ...... I was also thinking of making a kitty for daisy!Yazoo. With... like... main contributions of fandom, really. o_o Would anyone be interested? Otherwise, the only reason for me making it would be for some kind of egotistical creation of deteriorated fandom! XD .......... ._.;;;
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