October 30th, 2004

Hi >^.^< Nya!

Hi everyone.Hahahaha this is Cloud_33 though this doesn't really talk about AC im just posting about my new LJ!O wait I think I do have something conserning AC......um does anyone know when It might reach US shores?Well bye ttyl!!!
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Chapter Two of Big Brother Sephy

Hello people, erm...for those who read Big Brother Sephy or wants to read a humor Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children, I recommend Big Brother Sephy. ^_^ By the way chapter two of it has been updated and it's about the silver haired men, yes including Sephiroth's lives. It's funny. Yeah.

The fic is dedicated to all you silver haired lovers out there and especially pucchy_chicobo and goddess_jenova. ^_^ Please read. It's written by me and my cousin. Together. Well, actually, it's mostly written by my cousin but who cares. I was there with her! >.>;


For those who cant see it, here.

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