October 27th, 2004


^_^...I wrote a fanfic that's kinda Sephiroth centric...Well The summary is as follows:

After the end of everything, how much can anyone really suffer in silence? And how far will someone go to set their sense of loss and betrayal right?

I posted it on fanfiction.net so go here and please read it. It's like the millionth one I've written, but the first fanfic I've actually bothered to post on the internet, so reviews here or on fanfiction.net would be really helpful and much loved.

Ill give you a granola bar....no?

A cookie then?

How about acid then....?



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Well, here we go again.

Fourth part of Compilation revealed
FFAC Reunion has been updated with new articles about the newest entry in Square Enix's Compilation of FFVII. According to the articles the newest addition to the Compilation will be an RPG for the PSP. The name of the RPG is given as Crisis Core.


Courtesy of www.adventchildren.net

Crisis Core, huh?



I finally got around to uploading my sketchbook- Mostly FMA, but there is a Cloud and Sephiroth picture in there too. I'm in Mideel in my replay at the moment, and since Sephiroth was really screwing with the poor guy's head at the time...

(The art (Fake LJ cut))