October 24th, 2004

Devil May CGI

So wrong...

Hey all. Haven't been here in a little while, since I'm trying to avoid spoilers and such. Still, I FINALLY completed my first vector-rendered fanart piece, and I thought some of you might get a kick out of it. It's a rather silly picture of Yuffie... and Vincent ^_^;

Here it is... enjoy!
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My Senior Pic

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I've wanted to cosplay for ages, but only found out about half a year ago what it was called. Anywho, the reason for the random starting of this entry: I intend to cosplay some this summer. (Hooray for so many cons in southern California!)
So, the prupose of this entry is to see who people think I should cosplay. Thus far I have a few ideas, but they aren't very convenient to play at a single con.

Ideas for Mark to Cosplay:
1) Cloud (Kingdom Hearts Version) (I've wanted to cosplay Cloud since '97, but KH gave me a new dream.)
2) Auron (Final Fantasy X)
3) Tidus (Final Fantasy X)
4) Kratos (Tales of Symphonia)
5) Zell (Final Fantasy 8)
6) Riku (Kingdom Hearts) (Much thanks to NEOCHAN for this idea.)
7) Sora (Kingdom Hearts)
8) "Your Idea Here"
9) "Your Idea Here"
10) ....

The Rules:
1a) Won't go bald.
1b) Hair lenghth shouldn't be shorter than Zell/Auron length.
2) Must be interesting.
4) Your rule here???

Anywho, hopefully I'll either get new ideas from y'all, or input on my ideas. Live well, everyone!

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