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23 October 2004 @ 10:24 am
*crawls out of lurkdom to share something* Not sure about how many of you are on the AC.net forums. But someone posted the following yesterday in a Montreal Film Festival thread there. *copies and pastes*

Hey, The complete Daeya.org Team was there.

We got pictures
High-Quality pictures, of everyone in the movie taken by a Professional Photographer. Yes....we came prepared...

We have written a full 7 pages report which will be posted shortly at the
Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children Special Presentation Report.

I will announce it on Daeya.org Forums when it will be posted. Stay Alert!


There's apparently nothing there yet. *sadness* ;_; But the same dude said in a later post that something should be up by Sunday at the latest. Just thought I would give everyone who didn't know a heads up. ^_^ Oh, and for all you Sephiroth fans, they claim to have gotten a picture of Sephiroth from the movie. o_O *crawls back into lurkdom*
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23 October 2004 @ 06:39 pm
hey, im new here & stuff...can't wait to see it, of course. i have some pretty high expectations for this movie.
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