September 27th, 2004

Final Fantasy: Advent Children Parties...Lets call it Reunion. :D

Okay. This is an ample opportunity for all of us AC fans to meet up (I don't care about the ffmeetup community, I'm doing it here...apparently the mod doesn't mind lol) in the coming months. If we all put the effort into it we can have a pretty fun time. Or, for that matter, pretty fun times. I know this is all out of the blue, and kind of sudden. So, let me get an idea of where everybodies from, and please keep the comments at city and state, because I'm'una get soooo confused if there's alot of side talk lmao (I don't want to sound like an asshole).
Now, when I proposed such an idea I never intended on a mass meet on either coast, I said it would be cool. But com'n, if we did that the coast would collapse into the I right? ^_^ Now, why don't we scatter out and have a bunch of little get togethers. I saw somebody comment and didn't reply directly with a good idea, but they said why don't we have cameras watching the mayhem from party to party. That's a rawkin' idea, but I think that'd make this idea collapse (just like one of the coasts) because honestly, I don't think anybody around here would be willing to fund an idea like that. Video conferencing from coast to coast, to possible countries? Eeeeeeeh, anybody have Bill Gate's number?
Okay, I have to get to class now. But, please, let me know where you're all from and give me a little feed back if you feel necessary. I'm up for any ideas, and definitly need help in planning this.

Moderator: If you have AIM, please, take my screen name and IM me so I can talk to ya about this.
Screen name: xRecipeForDeathx

- Brian
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