September 21st, 2004

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So I'm replaying FF7 like a lot of you are. And I've noticed.

Holy shit there are a lot of typos and grammar errors. WTF?! Like, besides the Aeris "He are sick" deal, or however it goes.


Beacause... you are just a puppet.

'Beacause'? And there are soo many more. I guess I'm a grammar whore now so I notice all of these. I guess when I was like 10 or 11.. or whatever.. I didn't really care. But like. Wow. Even Sephiroth messed up one of his lines and I was like :|

..Anyhow. I hope everyone's having a good day.



New Designs

Yesterday a friend and I argued about Barret's new look. We ended up agreeing that the characters's new designs have the same problem of Barrett's: amazingly realistic, but at the expense of certain trademarks (such as Cloud's spiky hair).

The exaggerations in anime/cartoon designs communicate or symbolize something about the character (ever notice how Cloud's hair is neatly combed on one side of his head, but completely out of control on the other?...). In that light Barret's design *did* lose something when designers had to tone down his muscles.

But... As well as being extremely realistic (even attractive in some cases), they also give you a different picture of the characters. The new Sephiroth is a lot gloomier than the old bishie design. My same friend thought the new design made Sephiroth look more like a heroin addict than a villain with a real motive (keep in mind that he thinks Sephiroth is the coolest character in the FF series). But IMO looking at it really makes you see how Sephiroth fell apart after discovering his identity. I'd think of more examples, but Seph jumps out the most for me.