September 18th, 2004

Sup everybody!!!

Hey everyone and hi to all the people who don't know me.Well thanks for the reply's on the thing with aeris im so looking forward to the movie now.I have one question will this community exist after the movie is out or what?well anyways add me to ur friends list and stuff or contact me on aim.Laterz!!!
>^.^< Nya!!!
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Hey. -_-

Hey everybody hows everyone doin well i don't really have anythiung to say but w/e.I did a ton of stuff today.I went to the sequarium from 9 in the mornig to 3 in the afternoon then from there i went with my dad to see Resident Evil Apocolypse for the secind time(That movie kicks ass).That pretty much sums up my day ttyl.Bye!!
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