September 14th, 2004

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I had to share my joy! I'M ON THE CITADEL, YO!


FF7 Citadel

I suggest all y'all out there with art and fan fics you wanted loved, go there. Submit your stuff. Because the site creator is really, really nice. Okay, I'm just geeked about being accepted. Sad really.

Go there anyway and spend some time wandering around. It's a great site.

Extra special thanks to blueshinra for posting the URL. Otherwise, we'd all be denied its greatness.

*dances off*
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my site ^^

im pretty sure this has to do with FFVII and FFVIIAC

anyway, jus tthought I would post my FFVII based site up here. I'm just begining on it and its a tripod site so its not the best one out there. so...uuumm... yeah...
constructive criticism or nice comments only please :D
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