September 11th, 2004

八百万の神 // ♥ tastymint ♥

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I found FF7 at Sam Goody. Cause I lost mine a long time ago. And Gamestop and EB didn't have it.

GOODY'S GOT IT ™. ..Or something like that.


Sorry, this was kinda random. But it's FF7 related, so you people can't yell at me. Despite the fact that I'm the mod anyway. But you can yell if you want. I guess. Um. *stfus*

八百万の神 // ♥ tastymint ♥

September 11th.

I hope everyone is okay today. I'm kinda not, but I'm trying anyway. If any of you need to talk about it, you can reply to this post. I'm here for all of you. :/ Does anyone else live in NYC?

Have a wonderful day today. Get out and have a good time.