September 3rd, 2004


Cloud is a broken puppet, Sephiroth is semi-sane, and Jenova is... Well, Jenova. No explanation needed for her. Takes place midgame, around the temple of the ancients, northern crater before the weapons escape. That timeframe. Enjoy!

Title: Playthings
Pairings: None
Summary: Cloud is a broken puppet, Sephiroth is a god, Jenova is inhuman.

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Just introducing myself.

Sorry if members on this community don't like introductions. I just figured I'd let myself be known rather than to seem like a weird stalker type of person. Most of my info you can see on my (duh?) info.

Anyways, I first got into the Final Fantasy series like most (from what I know) FF fans have. Final Fantasy 7. My big brother got it as a Christmas present and I, being the little sister who loved doing things my brother did, started playing and immediately fell in love with the game.

When I heard the news about Advent Children and how it was going to be based upon FF7, I creamed, to put it simply. When I heard Reno (my favorite FF character of all time) was in it, I double creamed. Having Reno in the story is sure to make the movie even more interesting.

Well, that's my stupid little introduction. <.