September 1st, 2004


Um, I dunno if anyone's said this before...

But doesn't anything think Vincent looks kinda creepy in Advent Children? Maybe I just think this 'cause I never actually used Vincent. ^^;;;

I was always a big Yuffie fan. o.O;; Even after the Materia thing.
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Wow, I'm stupid.

Ok Well, I go looking back through the calender of the community, looking at old posts and such, and having good memories by myself. At school. Because I'm a slacker. Anyways, I've been thinking, about when AC comes out. For a long time we're gonna keep saying stuff about how unbelievable it is. But then is this community, going to fade?

Yeah now call me stupid, and curse vulgarities and such.

Mod, if you want you can delete this if you feel it's unnecessary.
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I found this intresting.

Someone in the FF7 community posted these scans saying Elena was in AC, but its really a Before the Crisis picture, anyways in the scans was some new intresting things, that Im not sure if you all saw it or not.


^ That one has a sign that says the "Healing Lounge" and what I think is a picture of it on the left of it (that or some new place). Its kewl, if you look close it also points to Midgar, Kalm, and the Chocobo Farm. I wonder what the "Healing lounge" is...

And in this one below, from Before the Crisis, who is that strange kid with Sephiroths sword? Does it look like the masamune to anyone else to?


Just thought I would share ^.^.

By the way, does anyone know where I could download the Reunion tracks or any FF music? I cant find anything anywhere!!

Love and Respect,
~Lady Yuna
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