August 30th, 2004

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I decided to throw together a list of VA's I'D like to see do the voices for a translated Advent Children.  Now, note,  these are some of my favorite voice actors, so not everyone would agree.  And the stuff in quotation marks is characters that they've voiced before, just to give you an example of their work.  ^^;  Gotcha?  Gotcha.

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Slightly off-topic ficcage

I was cleaning out my hard drive and came across some snippets of fics that I'd forgotten about... One of them was FFVIII, and as I'm a shameless comment junkie I thought I'd pimp it in adventchildren_, because I have no other FF groups that I'm a part of at the moment. It's Here.

Slightly more on topic, I also found several long chapters of an FFVII fic, so those will be posted up fairly soon. :D My hard drive is a veritable treasure trove- or a really big pile of randomness, I'm not sure which.

Hey im new

I found this community when someone in the community, FF7 posted a link...Im looking forward to the release of this movie in america! ^^...Vincent, my favorite character in the game is my icon (obviously ^^;;;) hot isnt it ;)

New forums!

Now we're not trying to compete with the ACF, but Unforgiven Sin (the ex-admin of those forums) has created a new forum called Overdose Delusion. I'm a mod there, and everyone' free to join. There's sections for Advent Children and all the other FF games, so join and have fun, or ELSE.

Hi there

Hey everyone, my name's Emily and I'm new here. I'm absolutely psyched for FF: Advent Children. It looks absolutely amazing... ahhh I can't get enough of it. ^_^;

Anyway, just figured I'd do a little advertising for my new Final Fantasy AU RPG. Every character except for Rinoa is taken as of now, so please apply! :)

I'll love you forever.

The address is Final Revolution.
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