August 28th, 2004

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Chapter Four of Nightmare

Ha. I finished chapter four of my beloved fanfiction Nightmare. I realize that I'm going at it with a rather slow pace; but I feel that it has better quality if I take my time a bit with it. ^_^

Anyway, this chapter is not a favorite, by far. And the ending wasn't exactly planned from the start. O_o;;

But I hope you all read it and like it anyway. ^_^

If you want the older chapters, then you should just go ahead and go here. o.O;;

Or the version. Haha.

Oh... And one line, near the end of the fic, is dedicated to my dear LJ friend Pucchy_Chicobo. Without her; Kadaj probably would have said something a little bit different. I hope she figures out which line, because it's really easy to miss. XD!!

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Sephyzilla will destroy you.

I know I recently posted the main part of this picture but I promised the rest... and since that takes up the whole page, well, here it is. :D

It's a big enough scan to were all the drawings are visible, but not all the writing may be legible, so if anyone wants a bigger scan and/or me to tell them what stuff says, feel free to ask. Mostly me and my doodle partner in crime fei_lian just spoof, so laugh, dammit. <3

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Do you think the music for FFVII:AC will be a lot of FFVII music? Or more new stuff? With the SHM have their own cool song like Seph did? Or just a remix of his song..>.>;

[Sidenote, off topic: in the duets of synchronized swimming the American swimmers had liberi fatali as their music thing. XD]
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Hi! I'm new here and big fan of the upcoming Advent Children. So I just wanted to say hello. My name is Sari. :D As you can see in my username. (Go me.)

I have a question. Since Reno and Rude are in Before Crisis, when Vincent was in the Turks...doesn't that make them really old? Or at least, older than they seem or appear?

Just a thought. Maybe I'm crazy ^^;
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