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This is the third chapter of my Advent Children fanfiction, Nightmare.

To see the earlier chapters, please go to the following links:

Chapter One

Chapter Two

And, of course, the Fanfiction.Net version.

Well, enough with the links. ^_-

This chapter is the shortest of the three, simply because I thought that giving more of the plot line away would simply draw the chapter out too much, and make an annoying read... Besides, I think enough happened in it anyway.

Anyway, I'm proud of this one, though it's not my best work description wise. I introduce the WCM in this one... And I must admit I'm rather fond of writing him. Sorry if he seems a bit lame to you all.

Plus, I show a little bit of Jealous Older Brother! Yazoo in this one. I didn't want him to stay so calm and collected all the time... Though he'll be that way a lot, still.

Enough with my chattering. Please go and read it! I will appreciate it!
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俺の神, カダジュ
18 August 2004 @ 11:00 pm
Translations of the magazines? Interesting stories. Of course, everyone knew Yazuu was the aloof, quiet one... he has long hair! It's sooooo stereotypical.


And the best part is AdventChildren.net doesn't have this much information. I love Italian people.