August 18th, 2004

ningyouhime (Ring)

Nightmare-Advent Children Fanfiction-Chapter Three

This is the third chapter of my Advent Children fanfiction, Nightmare.

To see the earlier chapters, please go to the following links:

Chapter One

Chapter Two

And, of course, the Fanfiction.Net version.

Well, enough with the links. ^_-

This chapter is the shortest of the three, simply because I thought that giving more of the plot line away would simply draw the chapter out too much, and make an annoying read... Besides, I think enough happened in it anyway.

Anyway, I'm proud of this one, though it's not my best work description wise. I introduce the WCM in this one... And I must admit I'm rather fond of writing him. Sorry if he seems a bit lame to you all.

Plus, I show a little bit of Jealous Older Brother! Yazoo in this one. I didn't want him to stay so calm and collected all the time... Though he'll be that way a lot, still.

Enough with my chattering. Please go and read it! I will appreciate it!
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