August 17th, 2004

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So there was that art contest. Yeah.


I so totally couldn't draw anything for it. WORK SUCKS, MAN. Urg. Especially when you're doing shit that you really hate doing, I.E. answering phones for 7 hours. That is NOT what the mod of ac_ wants to be doing with her summer, thanks. But. Well. Senior year of high school begins Sept. 13th.

So sorry I haven't been around everyone. I love you all.

And I'll be around more often. maybe I'll organize another contest and make it work somehow. XD

Take care all!!


'Nother Newbie

Hey! I'm a newbie. I thought I'd drop a line to say, "Hey! I'm a newbie." In fact, I'm so much the newbie, that I didn't say anything when I first got here.

I think it's great that everyone here adores Advent Children as much as I do. Since I've been on fire about it since last September, it's a relief to my family and friends that I can vent about it somewhere else. I'm a fan of Yazoo, and good ol' Seph has been my favorite since 1997. Of course, who couldn't like the likes of Cloud? Anyway, I'm looking forward to reading and posting here.
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It never occured to me that I wasn't the ONLY person on the planet that simply adores FF7 (I still cry everytime Aeris dies), and can't wait to see the sequel! With that being said, I'm a newbie to this community, and my USUAL brief intro is in order... *sigh*

The name's DK, a late twenties, hard-striving creative jack of all trades (mostly music and screenplays), and after MANY years of nomadic drifting, I'm stuck in the corn country-ass Mid West (but I'm originally from the ATL--Bankhead, AND I'M ON THE WAY HOME!!). Born and raised Wiccan... Just "a bit" ghetto gothic--I have silver fangs that I sport on occasion. Full of piercings and tattoos. Classic Rock fanatic--loves a good jungle/techno beat... Plays a few instruments, a writer... I don't know; that's about all I can think of right off. Anything else is in my user info or my journal... I'm a Tifa and Aeris fanatic, and Red XIII rocks! My FF7 dreamteam is always Aeris, Cloud and Red XIII, until Aeris is gone, then I get either Vincent or Cid!

Don't be scared to add me as a friend! I don't bite... Unless you ask nicely... Midgar forever!
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Wanted to get something straight...

So when exactly is AC going to come out (In Japan, and if possible the US)? (Not the EXACT date, lyke, around what month and year?) I've heard of SO many different release dates and I'm really not sure which one I should believe...

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