August 14th, 2004

ningyouhime (Ring)

Can you hear me now?

New P900iV Commercial
A new commercial for the P900iV has been aired on Japanese television, featuring a scene where Cloud answers a call. We will keep you updated should the clip be available online.

I just saw that at AdventChildren.Net.

I want to see that commercial now. :D

'Can you hear me now? Good!'


Sorry about the somewhat offtopicness.
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Hey, I was wondering....are they gonna use the same voices from Kingdom Hearts for this Advent Children movie (English version)?

Mandy Moore for the voice of Aeris...
Christy Carlson Romano for the voice of Yuffie...
Chris Burton for Cloud Strife....
And Lance Bass for Sephiroth....

I know you people don't like Lance Bass but don't you think he did a good job for being the voice of Sephiroth...'cause his voice was all echoey and god like...*.*

Well, just asking....if there ever is an English Version...
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