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10 August 2004 @ 05:18 pm
Ummm....hi...I'm new here and was wondering if anybody here is a yaoi freak or something? Coz you see...I...-looks down-....used to like Cloud/Sephiroth pairing in the FF7 game and movie....and then all of a sudden...Kadaj/Yazoo...-blinks-...then...right now I like....RENO/YAZOO!!!! -goes starry eyed- I dont know why. It's just that, ever since the scan of Reno vs. Yazoo came out, I started to have this feeling that this will be my new fav. pairing...and voila! NOW IT IS! XDDD I doubt they have a relationship in this movie, besides the two of them fighting, but.....to me they look good together for some reason. ^^;;

Oh well, just giving out my opinon and wondering if you are a yaoi fan for Final Fantasy VII or Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children,'cause if you are, which is your favorite pairing and why? Heh, heh...-rubs back- ^^;;
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10 August 2004 @ 07:11 pm
Hooray for skipping my management class tonight and doing AC icons.

Credit my icon journal "Paintoverkill" in your icon keywords.
No hotlinking.

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10 August 2004 @ 09:39 pm
Ok.. I'm totally confused.. WHEN DOES or WHEN DID AC come out in Japan?