August 8th, 2004

Cloud's Birthday

Okay, now I'm confused. FFVII:AC's official page lists Cloud's birthday as August 11, but the original game booklet lists it as Aug. 19. I'm inclined to go with the original, but... Hmm. Anyone know for sure?

Also, speaking of Cloud's birthday, we should have some kind of event for good old Cloud. I don't think he's had many happy birthdays in his life.

Who is stronger?

Ok first off I never get to post much in this community, even though it's my favorite. Whoo! Go us! And the Mod is way cool. But now I figured something out, after watching a trailer.

Now you see pictures of Kadaj and Cloud fighting, but Kadaj always holds his sword one handed, while Cloud holds his two handed. Does this mean that Kadaj is stronger than Cloud?

I also noticed that Kadaj has two blades on one hilt. (Cool or what?)

Just thought I'd post since my mind is kicking back up, and noticing things. I guess this means it's time for school to start back up. :(