August 5th, 2004


Wheeeee! Icons!

Oh wow! My first community post! Anyway, I have made some icons that I hope you enjoy....

I love the way these turned out.

Continuing on with the Staring Out into Space!Yazoo theme...

Yazoo: Hey, I’m not spacey! I’m just cool and collected.

Kadaj: Yazoo, you’re about to ride into a pothole.

Yazoo: Where?....AAAAAGHHHHH!!!

Moving on... I know that the three boys all look like Sephiroth because they’re clones, but of the trio Yazoo bears the most uncanny resemblance.

Sephiroth: Now now, we don’t gnaw on our Masamune.

Yazoo: But I like the way it buzzes against my teeth!

And finally... why does Kadaj seem to be staring so intensely into the distance?

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Deja Vu!

I remember making a post in here about having a dream that Advent Children came to movie theatres and only a few theatres would pick it up.  Well, as I was collecting images for a layout, I came upon this bit on info:

"A theatrical release for Final Fantasy VII Advent Children may not be entirely out of the question, Square Enix president Yoichi Wada told Impress Game Watch recently." - 1Up

Just after a week of announcing the special edition screening of Advent Children at the Venice International Film Festival, Yoichi had also announced that both Nomura and himself are contemplating releasing Advent Children on the silver screen as already set DVD and PSP releases. (There is also no word yet on those announced DVD and PSP release dates, but Japan is defintely getting a release this year.) Not only the idea of AC being screened at movie theaters but also as in digital download form; that's an interesting way to promote the movie.

Advent Children is still delayed in production due to Tetsuya's bad health but as I had said, Advent Children is still looking for a fall/winter release for 2004 in Japan. Thanks to and the AC fans for giving me the heads up.

I wouldn't mind going to see it on the big screen, as well as my little tv.
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