August 3rd, 2004

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Well, now I'm really convinced Hojo's the Wheel-chair guy. The stuff megmurry showed was very convincing. Here's my theory why Hojo is doing this. The last, and only, time you fight Hojo, he's trying to give all the power he can to Sephiroth. Once again, I think when Sephiroth died, his powers were recycled in the Lifestream into the children. Hence, the Children in Advent Children. But these kids look older than 2 years old, so the real Sephiroth probably died in the Nibelheim incident 7 years earlier. Hojo probably never died, the gang just pummeled him within an inch of his life, and he's now in a wheelchair all distorted looking. The Silver-Haired Men were probably early experiments of Hojo or born of Mako energy hence the Mako eyes. Hojo is probably having them gather the children who were recycled from Sephiroth. This might result in the come-back of Sephiroth, like another reunion. But like I've said before, we'll have to wait
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Ok, so I got bored a few days ago and decided to try my hand at making an AMV for AC. If anyone is interested (it's a 10MB file and in windows media format) you can download it here if you have an account:
or, if you don't , then it's on my domain here:
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Well, this is FFVII related, and I was going to do the contest we has just recently but I got super busy (my best friend's birthday among other things~) But, I had drawn some Cloud fanart recently, so I guess I'll just shizow it to ya'll.

You can pretend that Cloud is all angry because he didn't get the sweet sweet loving he desired from the other in this piece, but that'd be kinda gross, so you probably don't want to.

It may not work too swell on some computer screens
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Does anyone have any more information about the second game with the 'mysterious shadow that looks like Vincent'? I used to believe Square never really cared about money too much. And they probably didn't until X. As someone else put it, they seem to be 'milking the franchise'.

Also, I was wondering if anyone has the picture to the base of goddess_jenova's icon:

I really love that picture. O_o

fanart :\

'Allo, 'allo again! ^^; I have more fanart. Not buttloads like last time, though. Again, I hope you don't mind anime style, because, like I said, it's all I know how to draw.

It's a sorta visual representation of pseudomachine's take on Nomura's quote of 'there's a chance of meeting Sephiroth'. The reason the bottom part of Sephiroth is not there is because I drew him too low, and then in PhotoShop, moved him up. :\ You can also tell I can't draw poodles.

Attack of the chibis!



Meet the Turks!

Again, it's nemesisstrife's thingie. O_o;; I love that thing.

And for those of you who like Cute! Yazuu...

And for those of you who like Scary! Yazuu...
Okay, yeah, so I totally screwed up his head, face, hair, and other assorted things. x_x

I hope you like them. ^^;
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Imagine Advent Children wasn't computer animated - but live action. If you were chosen to cast hollywood real-life actors to play the characters - who would you choose and why?

All I know is that i'd have Jude Law and Scarlett Johansson in there somewhere. >:D
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