July 23rd, 2004



Yuffie's in AC, Yuffie's in AC!

A new scan has surfaced! New pics of Cid, Red, Tifa and Marlene, Vincent, and YUFFIE! Looks like she's flying in on a parachute. Odd, since she had airsickness... but cute nonetheless.

Here it is.



It makes me so happy to read about FF7 making a come back. I remember when I was little and it was just coming out(I'm 17 now,I was about 10 when it came out) and I remember how scarily obsessed I was with that game. And I still, ALMOST remember the commercial. All I really remember was that some part in the commercial it said"You can alwas hit the reset button". Ha. Anyways. I am hoping to god all of this is going to be just as amazing as FF7 was, because lets face it, ever since 7 Final Fantasy has taken an unfortunaute downhill route. 8,9 and 10 werent so bad.(well...I wasent a fan of 9 and 10 very much) But they were definetly no FF7. This is all so exciting!!!!!
I didn't like 10 much because they got away from the dialog boxes and went to voices. I dont know a whole heck of alot about this new FF7 stuff, but I am hoping to god they don't give everyone voices. Well...er., of course they will give them voices for the movie. But I ment for the game. And I hope you can go everywhere in the new game that you can in FF7. Heehee. But someone told me BC is supposed to be for only playable on a mobil device. Now, what does that mean???It wont be on PS? If its not gonna be for PS, that'll suck..

Advent Children Dream

I had a dream last night that Advent Children finally came out... however, rather than it being on DVD or some other format right away, they released it in theatres, but only a few theatres would pick it up. All of the characters were there, including Yuffie, but for some reason all of them had different names that sounded really off. Maybe it's a sign that Advent Children will finally be coming out.... or me just wanting it to come out already. XD

Those are the kinds of dreams you get for eating chocolate cheesecake before bed.
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