July 17th, 2004



Hi, I'm new. Yay to that. ¬.¬

Hey, here's an interesting something. I haven't seen Reeve, Elena, or Yuffie in this yet. Anybody know what happened to them? I heard a rumor that Elena had died (spawning this), but is it true? Oh, how sad.

And how the heck did such a young guy like Kadaj get into being a bad guy? Oh, he must have watched too much TV when he was younger. Bad influences on TV, don't'cha know. XD!!

And get this. Sephiroth never changes his clothes. No, really. In Kingdom Hearts, his clothes were exactly the same, except with a little red fringe. And now in Advent Children, he looks exactly the same (well, I suspect that one clip of him is simply a memory. BUT STILL). But, see, Cloud got a mix-'n-match ensemble with Vincent flairs here and there in Kingdom Hearts (which spawned this), and now he's got a half cape and punk pants. Rock on, Cloud! Sephiroth needs a bath.

Well, that's all. I wouldn't be surprised if there's someone out there working on a costume from Advent Children right now. XD!! I know I would.

Modern Mixes

There are lot of modern remixes of FF7 and some SNES games on this site... trust me, a LOT of the ones I've listened too are really cool...


People use top-o'-the-line remix equipment, and submit them here where they get reviewed and judged. Really good music with a lot of effort and creativity!