July 15th, 2004

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It's been brough to my attention that there has been Aeris bashing on the community these days by certain people. Now everyone is entitled to their opinion here, don't get me wrong. But when it gets offensive.. well... then that's when I have to put my foot down.

Just don't do it, okay? If you have the feeling that it's going to offend someone, then please don't say it.

Thank you.



this is a quick question that may not concern anyone but me. But does anyone know if Sephiroth was left handed? In all pictures I see he is holding the sword in his left hand, and some in his right. I need some old screen shots of fighting him in the game. But I dont know where to get any. so does anyone know?


Whether Aeris is revived or not, I still think she is my fave female character ever.

I think she looks beautiful in the scans of Advent Children too.

Of course, so does Tifa, so don't get me wrong :3

I'm now going off to make an Aeris layout for my site, I just have to use that scan of her, as well as molesting Reno, who, quite frankly, is teh sex.
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wow, now I want the phone. Check out this picture
Also, further proof that the Silver-Haired Men are born from Mako energy or were experiments of Hojo. Kadaj has Mako eyes

Got more information on the phone. The FOMA P900iV is made by FOMA. FOMA's a Japanese cell phone company. So chances are, the phone's going be in Japanese, there's a high possibility that it can switch to different languages. Let's hope so. I found the site for it http://foma.nttdocomo.co.jp/terminal/cell/p900iv/index.html
You can check out some other FOMA phones, they're nice as well, but the site's in Japanese, so you might not get too much information. If you want it translated, go to worldlingo.com and type in the address for the site. This will translate some of the stuff on th esite.
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After reading tubaplayerjk post it got me thinking, it would be a big twist to have Aeris be the cloaked figure but it would be strange that the clones are worshiping her cause after all she used to play for the good side.

Then i thought...what if they have both come back but the reason the war worshiping her is becuse they are the same person? I know it sounds far fetched but hear me out. When they both went into the lifestream they were broken down into energy but when the lifestream began healing everything the too were joined as the same person and made whole. It said that all energy comes back...like a man dying and coming back as a tree and because their spirits are so strong they were atomatically bought together? Anyway I thought that it may explain the flashback..they are both thinking back to their past. Now the reason the clones are after Cloud could be that he has something that could separate them[black materia maybe] and they want Sephiroth back. Oh and the reason they are clocked....maybe cause the joining left them a freak?

Anyway i know its kinda far fetched and probably not gonna happen but i just couldn't get the idea out of my head so i thought id see what you guys think.